CBOL 2017 - Breakout Session Detail


Classroom Practice

Learn how blended and personalized learning practices are used by teacher leaders both nationally and internationally to drive student outcomes


Data Driven Project-Based Learning

Ever wonder how you can make data more meaningful in your classroom? Kids are overwhelmed with data and teachers are stumped about how to make it relevant and fun.   'Data Driven Project-Based Learning' will encourage you to use data to drive the fun activities in your classroom while teaching the standards to your students. Scores will go up, excitement will take over, and true learning will take place!

Speaker:  Adrianne Ryland - High School English Teacher and Middle School Social Studies and Language Arts Teacher, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence.

Teaching Art Online

For my session, I plan to show a presentation on how I teach several project-based art courses in an online setting. These courses include Basic Drawing, Color Theory, Art Methods and Media, Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Design.

Speaker:  Elisa Narizhnaya - Art Teacher, Denver Online High School

Three Ordinary Practices to Reach Extraordinary Results in Education

In this workshop, Learning One to One Foundation's CEO will share how simple practices can impact students lives and academic performance, used today by over 30,000 students in five countries. Participants will experience three practices and reflect on their implementation in this 90-minute hands-on workshop.

Speaker:  Erika Twani - CEO, Learning One to One Foundation

Transforming Instruction with Blended Learning

The eLearning Blended Collaborative will share their experiences with blended learning for K-12 Teachers in all content areas. This session will introduce teachers to Blended Learning and how it applies in various classrooms.  In the second part of the session, teachers will choose a station and apply how a component of blended learning could look in their classroom.  

Speaker:  Anne Atherton - eLearning Coordinator, SVVSD