iLC 2018 - Breakout Session Detail


Classroom Practice

Learn how blended and personalized learning practices are used by teacher leaders to drive student outcomes.


Transforming Instruction with Blended Learning

Members from the SVVS eLearning Blended Collaborative will share their experience designing and implementing blended learning experiences.  This session will introduce teachers to Blended Learning and how it applies PK - 12 classrooms.  In the second part of the session, teachers will engage in a station rotation model and apply how components of blended learning could look in their classroom.

Speakers:  Anna Mills, Middle School Science Teacher; Temple Hayles, Elementary Learning Technology Coach; Jennifer Peyrot, Instructional Technology Coordinator St. Vrain Valley Schools; Julie Read, Learning Technology Support Specialist

Take A Walk with a Student Data Talk

The power of sharing data with students provide motivation and drive towards further academic success! Allowing students to know and understand their data is essential for co-planning between the teacher, student, and parents. In this session, participants will learn how to integrate meaningful data talks into their blended learning environment.

Speaker:  Evette Davis, Ed.D Kennesaw State University

Gamifying Your Classroom

Teri Beaver from Estes Park Middle School will share how she gamified her language arts classroom using simple video production and the Schoology learning management system. Gamification could work in a classroom setting, a blended setting, or an online classroom, adding an element of motivation and self-reflection for students.

Speaker:  Teri Beaver, Teacher, Estes Park Middle School

Are You Flipping Kidding Me? Flipped Classroom Made Easy!

With a renewed push for differentiation, this session will explore a few cutting edge technology tools that will help turn your flipped concepts dreams into realities. Focus will be on showing participants how, when used properly, flipping can create actively engaged students and a dynamic 21st century learning environment.

Speaker:  Jennifer McCluney, English Department Chair, Mary G. Porter Traditional School

Using Technology Tools to Support Inclusion

Learn how to provide a personalized learning experience for students with a variety of needs using the simple tools provided by G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education). Bring your own to device and explore the power of Chrome extensions, Google Drive and Google Classroom to facilitate inclusion and support your students. You will leave with tools you can begin using right away.

Speaker:  Robyn Kellogg, Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Coordinator, Google Certified Trainer, San Juan BOCES

How 4=5: Tour of a Flipped Mastery Math Class

Why do students hate math class? What are the primary obstacles to student achievement and how do we overcome these? How can educators ensure that every student reaches a mastery level of understanding? The answer: Flipped Mastery Math! We will look at how to establish a Flipped Mastery classroom at your school where the goal is student achievement and learning. Grading policies, classroom procedures, flipping techniques, and video resources will all be discussed so that you can turn your next class into a student centered journey towards learning rather than the talk till you drop lecture and mountains of grading that dominate the average mathematics classroom.

Speaker:  Barton Tofany, Math and Physics Teacher, Estes Park High School

Designing Challenges to Meet CAS

Students learn best when truly engaged in the content. Hands-On Challenges give students large degrees of latitude for creativity, exploration, and expression, which can all lead to more joy and engagement. They also let the teacher retain some control so that the students still reach defined academic goals. Come participate in a Hands-On Challenge as you explore the many cross-curricular tie-ins that could occur and then work towards designing and then completing your own challenge based upon your academic goals for the upcoming school year.

Speaker:  Chris DeKay, Director of Education, RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching)

Literacy in the Online Classroom

English teachers from Denver Online High School will share what we've learned about adapting the best of brick and mortar curriculum to the online environment, including how to host meaningful asynchronous close reads and discussions as well as how to implement skill interventions in a blended environment.

Speakers:  Jessica Glynn, English Teacher & Literacy Team Lead; Jennifer White, English Teacher & Literacy Interventionist, Denver Online High School

Let's Get Personal! (Introduction to Personalized Learning)

Attendees will experience hands-on best instructional practices for implementing personalized learning in the classroom. Traditional, blended and/or online arenas will be addressed based on need. Topics addressed in workshop feature the elements of a personalized learning education model to include student profile, diagnostic, learning objectives, pathway building, voice and choice of resources, activities, assignments, and assessments. Participants will take away ideas and tools for immediate use in their classrooms, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of enrollment in iLC's professional development course Introduction to Personalized Learning, worth 15 clock hours toward recertification or 1 college credit. Attendees will be enrolled in a hands-on professional development course as part of the session, and will be granted a certificate of completion worth 3 clock hours.

Speakers:  Jill Pellegrini, Director of Professional Development, iLearn Collaborative; Natalie Ruecker, 6-8 Blended Teacher