CBOL 2017 - Breakout Session Detail


Colorado Empowered Learning

Colorado Empowered Learning (CEL) aims to harness the talents and knowledge of Colorado educators to expand equity and access through blended learning in K-12 Education.  CEL is supported through funding by the State of Colorado and by participating schools and districts.

This session workshop is only open to Colorado Empowered Learning participants.  If you are interested in becoming part of this initiative, please Contact Us.


Two Critical Challenges Every District Faces in Blended Learning: Communication & Tech Selection

Colorado Empowered Learning participants are invited to join this two-hour workshop.  After providing an overview of an effective Blended Learning program that covers instructional visioning, program design, program implementation, and program evaluation, participants will do a deep dive on internal communication strategies critical for obtaining buy-in for blended initiatives.  They will then segue into a workshop on tech selection that will help teams understand how edtech companies make assumptions about teaching and learning, support teams in coming to consensus on educational and instructional philosophies, help participants think through instructional and systematic pain points and consider tech and non-tech approaches to solve these problems, and give participants a method for generating a list of features and functionality for use in evaluating potential edtech solutions.  The session will close with external communications strategies that will ensure the Blended Learning initiative is well received by a wide array of stakeholders.

Speakers:  John Canuel, Meg Hamel, ChrisHarrington.  

John Canuel is Director of Strategic Planning Services at iLearn Collaborative. Prior to this work, John served as Jeffco’s Executive Director for Educational Technology Services, where he successfully implemented nationally recognized technology integration models and online learning programs, and VP of K-12 Strategy with Blackboard.

Meg Hamel is a School & District Liaison on EdSurge's Concierge Team.  Prior to this she served as both an English Teacher and Department Co-Chair, as well as in a variety of planning roles.

Dr. Christopher Harrington currently serves as Founder and Director of Strategic Development at the Institute for Teaching and Leading, LLC. Previously, Chris served as President of eLearn Institute, Inc., and he has experience assisting school districts across the nation in the design and implementation of blended, online, and personalized learning programs.