CBOL 2017 - Breakout Session Detail


Community Engagement

Learn strategies for stakeholder engagement that can drive school success and create additional opportunities for students


Driving Numbers through Community Development

Learn how community development can be one of the largest drivers of overall school success, including increasing numbers in enrollment, parent/student satisfaction scores, retention, engagement in courses and extracurricular opportunities, school events, and ultimately, SPF ratings.

Speaker:  Kaci Sintek, started as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Denver Online High School a little over three years ago. Recognizing the need for increasing positive school culture, she now also serves as the Community Development Coordinator for Denver Online.

Pursuing Partners to Power Personalized Learning Centers Across Colorado

Come explore a unique developing model for multi district CTE opportunity centers that provide anytime, anywhere learning, local partnerships, expertise, internships and industry certification. Colorado Digital BOCES and Fuel Education have partnered to create this model and are seeking collaborators to implement across Colorado.

Speakers:  Kim McClelland, Greg Wilborn. Kim is the Executive Director of the CD BOCES. She has worked as a teacher or principal in all levels of education from pre-K through high school throughout her career in education with nearly 20 years of experience.  Greg Wilborn is the Assistant Director of Education Services at Colorado Digital BOCES.

Stakeholder engagement in personalized learning models

Jon will share anecdotes and practical advice he's learned from engaging a wide array of stakeholders through the launch of an innovative personalized learning model in Denver. Rebecca will add her perspective specifically on engaging funders as well as what she's learned speaking with other school leaders around the country. Participants will then have time to workshop one of two things: If a school leader, participants will workshop an engagement plan for one of their stakeholder groups. If a stakeholder, participants will reflect on how they can better support school leaders through innovation and list concrete next steps

Speaker:  Jonathan Hanover, Rebecca Holmes.  Jonathan Hanover is the Founder & Executive Director of Roots Elementary School. Rebecca Holmes is the President and CEO of Colorado Education Initiative.