CBOL 2017 - Breakout Session Detail


Educator Development

Discover strategies for building the capacity of your teams to lead change


Developing Learning Leaders at All Levels for Transformational Change

During this session, attendees will focus on leadership development for all levels. They will evaluate where they are in the process of preparing for systematic change regarding their vision and mindset. We will talk about assembling the right team for a unified approach, gauging where you are going and understanding why you are going there, and clearly defining your goal with a Theory of Action statement. Attendees will learn steps to clearly identify their team’s vision, communicate it widely, and move toward the vision with perseverance. Participants will engage in small group work and goal setting for implementation and leave with tools and activities to use with teams in your organization.This session’s purpose and learning opportunity embraces the idea that learning occurs at all levels. The session will promote, educate and create opportunities for participants to self reflect and develop action steps to take back to support systematic change. Participants will interact in several ways. The session will begin with an overview and then attendees will be engaged in small group work to self reflect, develop an actionable purpose statement and goal setting for implementation based on their current state.

Speakers:  Paula Kaiser, Paula Kaiser is the Director of Coaching and founder of Activate Pathways, a coaching team that guides schools and districts through their journey toward student-centric learning.  As an educator at heart for 20 years, she has taught in classrooms, led a NextGen school as the Instructional Coach, and witnessed district-wide change as a Personalized Learning Coordinator. 

DIY (Design It Yourself): Personalizing Professional Development

The contrasts between how we teach our students and how we train our teachers may be most glaring in the blended and online learning environment. But what’s the solution? How can we apply what we know about blended learning pedagogy to dramatically re-design our thinking around professional development? With the participants, the facilitators explore the good, the bad and the ugly of traditional PD and seek solutions in the pathway towards personalizing professional learning for schools and teachers.

Speakers:  Christopher Harrington, Elizabeth LeBlanc.  Dr. Christopher Harrington recently joined the Evergreen Education Group as a core team member. Previously Dr. Harrington served as President of eLearn Institute, Inc. He has experience assisting school districts across the nation in the design and implementation of sustainable blended and online learning programs.  Elizabeth LeBlanc serves as Curriculum & Data Coordinator and ELA Specialist for Taos Academy Charter School. She has 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of high-quality blended learning programs. 

Simplify II: Return of the Carry-On Teacher's Checked-Baggage Classroom

The Carry-On Teacher is back, ladies and gentlemen, and he's ready to fly! Now is the time to buckle in and work on simplifying your life. We're going to a place where there's less clutter, less stress, and less dependency on stuff. This session is designed to get us going on a journey where we'll be able to plan and implement strategies to cut out that physical and virtual baggage that weighs us down. No worries if you missed the original session, we'll get you up to cruising speed in no time. So, head to Terminal Awesome, and get your boarding pass out for a flight to the land of Minimalist thought in education.

Speaker:  Kevin Croghan,  Director of Instructional Programming, Beacon Network Schools

Supporting Blended Learning Implementations: Teacher by Teacher

Greeley-Evans District 6 shares its Innovation Configuration, a tool used to monitor the implementation of the 4 key elements (tight feedback loops, collaboration, student ownership, targeted instruction) of Blended Learning in classrooms and schools.

Speaker:  Tammy Hermance.  Blended Learning Team, Greeley-Evans School Distict 6

Twitter-based Teacher Education PLNs

E-learning and M-learning are becoming increasingly popular and have extended beyond what is now considered "traditional online learning". Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) are measurably effective in increased learning outcomes for teachers, from a social constructivist perspective. Revolutionary twitter-based PLNs combine the benefits of PLNs in an accessible format, through regional Teacher Ed and EdTech twitter groups. Benefits include increased accessibility, varied perspectives and shared skill sets. In researching #WYOEDCHAT and #OKLAEDCHAT, we find purposeful take-aways and application.

Speaker:  Becky Nusbaum.  Online learning experience since 1999 as Online Course Coordinator, Online Learning Administrator and Online Teacher, Becky is currently a teacher, trainer and Ed Doc student.