CBOL 2017 - Breakout Session Detail


Leaders Share Their Stories

Learn from district and school leaders in order to build on their successes and avoid identified pitfalls


Growing Blended Learning: A Grassroots Approach

In this session participants will learn about the SVVSD grassroots approach in Blended Learning and explore how this can be applied in their district/school/classroom. The facilitators will share St. Vrain's story of eight teachers interest in exploring blended learning and through their work and enthusiasm created a Blended Collaborative that has quadrupled in size and created leadership at schools to support this effort districtwide. Participants will then dive deeper and be given the opportunity to ask questions about the following topics: 1.How the Blended Collaborative Functions 2. The 2 prong approach to expanding Blended Learning 3.The organization of Leadership to support Blended Learning across the district.

Speaker:  Anne Atherton, eLearning Coordinator, SVVSD

From Online to Hybrid: One School's Journey to Blending and Personalization

Poudre School District Global Academy (PGA) is a kindergarten - 12th grade public school of choice in Fort Collins, CO. PGA is in its 8th year of operation and has evolved from a fully online school to a hybrid model (part online and part on-campus). During on-campus and online courses, blended learning tools are utilized to personalize student learning. This session will examine the evolution of PGA from an online to hybrid school with a look at key data that prompted the school's evolution as well as current achievement and growth data. A look at practices that support blended and personalized learning at PGA as well as key factors to student success in the hybrid model will be included. Finally, a look at next steps in using blended learning to move toward competency based learning will be examined.

Speaker:  Cheryl Fenlason,  PSD Global Academy

Innovation 201: Making a Disruptive Blended Learning School Work in Year Two

Snowy Peaks Secondary School is a student-centered community that provides flexible schedules to meet the needs of vastly different learners. Join the session to hear about year two changes which have resulted in significant student academic growth.

Speaker:  James Smith, Snowy Peaks Principal, Summit County Schools

Jefferson County CO Leads the Way

Blended learning is not easy to envision and translate into a traditional school district. Participants will leave the session with practical as well as research-based strategies about how Jeffco is leading change toward this instructional model.

Speaker:  Dr. Leonard Brown, Dr. Susan Powell.  Dr. Brown is the Director of Blended and Virtual Learning and Jefferson Online School.  Dr. Powell is the Senior Partnership Advisor for Edgenuity.

Leveraging District Resources to Build a Blended High School

As Denver Online transitions to a blended model that includes a learning center model, in-building requirements, and a variety of culture-building systems, the school is intentionally leveraging the resources, strategies, and initiatives of Denver Public Schools to build a highly successful program that continues to gain momentum. Utilizing district resources in the areas of curriculum, professional growth, and whole-child supports is helping Denver Online to transform from fully online to a vibrant and blended community of learning while maintaining a high level of flexibility for students to explore the opportunities around them. During this session, presenter(s) will share cases in which district initiatives and resources are being successfully leveraged to address the design, implementation, and improvement of systems at the school level. Opportunities for questions, discussion and feedback will support participants in reflecting on individual circumstances as related to the outcomes of the session.

Speaker:  Ian Jones, Principal, Denver Online High School

One Size Fits One - Blended Learning in the High School

At Sand Creek High School, we have launched a blended initiative called One Size Fits One that exists on three fronts. We would love to share many valuable lessons that we have learned with traditional schools looking to delve into a blended approach in a significant way.  Our model is particularly interesting given that the school does not have a principal; it has three AP’s and four teacher leaders running the high school.

Speaker:  Nicole Sides.  Teacher Leader - School of Business Teacher Leader - One Size Fits One Personalized Learning Initiative Theory of Knowledge Instructor 

Snapshot of Success: Building a Successful Culture

At Grand River Academy, our students come in at least one day a week for teacher guided lessons or small group learning. Then when students are not onsite they are schooling at home online the other days of the week. Since they are schooling at home a majority of the time, parent orientation and training are key components to our program. Our teachers created onsite attendance schedules for elementary, middle, and high school students. While onsite students participate in a variety of lessons types including: teacher guided, interactive, performance based, curriculum support lessons, Habits of Mind, etc. that help combine their online learning and student growth. Attendees will see concrete examples of items listed above. 

Speaker:  Sean Blackmer, Middle School Teacher, Grand River Academy D51

Blending in Greeley: A District to Watch

Through the use of blended learning, test scores have increased, students are more engaged, and teachers are innovating.  This session will give an inside look into what has made this implementation work as well as lessons learned. 

Speaker: Deagan Andrews, Director of Instructional Technology at Greeley-Evans 6; Scott Johns,  Senior Design and Implementation Consultant for EdElements.