iLC 2018 - Breakout Session Detail


Leaders Share Their Stories

Learn from district and school leaders in order to build on their successes and avoid identified pitfalls.


Crashing Waves to Calm Seas: Managing Change from Traditional Instruction to Personalized Learning

Learn how Denver is managing transformation from an industrial educational system to a personalized learning environment. Students will join the panel and give perspective on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Participants will leave the session with an overview of Denver's three-year plan and specific tips on how to lead change.

Speaker:  Christina Abeyta-Greene,  Manager of Online Intervention and Acceleration, Denver Public Schools

Leadership and Learning with Blended: From Implementation to Impact

How do we move from initial implementation to impact? After growing out grassroots Blended Learning Initiative for the past five years into an impactful district program, we find that training leadership to engage in meaningful conversation around the planning for and impact of Blended Learning has been key in moving from our initial implementation to the deeper impact on teaching and learning.  Administrators and anyone in a teacher support role will come away with ideas and tools that can be used to engage educators in conversations around impactful Blended Learning practices.

Speakers:  Anne Atherton, SVVS eLearning Coordinator; Julie Read, SVVS Learning Technology Specialist; Jennifer Peyrot, SVVS Instructional Technology Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley Schools

Because Our Kids Deserve More

Learn the why and how of personalization for 21st century kids. The tipping points of change will be shared by our school district that is in our first year of secondary implementation. As a bonus, learn how personalization for every child begins to demolish inequity, tackle social/emotional issues and re-engage students in their learning.

Speakers:  Sharyl Allen, Superintendent; Danele Dyer, Principal; Conrad Public Schools

Building the Pillars for Personalized Learning

In 2013, Thompson School District created the task force Thompson2Life (T2L) comprised of parents, community members, students, teachers and administrators. The group meets monthly to research, discuss, develop and make decisions regarding ways to provide quality foundations that lead to personalized learning. Over the past few years, this task force has reviewed and changed grading practices and reporting, graduation requirements, individualized learning for all students, provided personalized professional pathways for educators, redesigned classrooms and built systems of communication with our EC-12 parents and community to ensure all students are career, college and community ready.

Speakers:  Jeri Crispe, Director, Secondary Education; Chastity Stringer, Data Assessment Coordinator, Thompson School District

Beginning Blended Learning within the Mathematics Classroom K - 8

Our seminar will contain a summary of blended learning implementation within the K-8 mathematics classrooms at University Schools. The seminar will begin with a definition of blended learning followed with University Schools? current vision for implementing blended learning. Multiple mathematical blended learning resources, both free and paid, are analyzed for pros and cons, along with University Schools? chosen criteria for the mathematical blended learning resource will be shared. Finally, our beginning implementation of the chosen mathematical blended learning resource (Dreambox) will be shared with specifics in regards to collecting data, forming student groups, etc.

Speakers:  Angela Vanderbloom, 6th Grade Math Teacher; Jamie Schneider, 2nd Grade Math Teacher; University Schools

Strategies to Address Funding and The Teacher Shortage using the State Supported Supplementary Program

The session will share how over 90 districts across the state are leveraging an existing Colorado funded program to expand learning opportunities for students while addressing funding and teacher shortages. See specific examples of how districts are using unique staffing and blended support models that allow students to access over 200 high-quality courses all taught by highly qualified Colorado instructors. Hear how this program allows the smallest school districts to access advanced and elective courses in content areas hard to support locally (including careers and technical education courses) while students stay enrolled and engaged in their local school district. 

Speakers:  Dan Morris, Executive Director; Teresa Yohon, CFO and Course Development Manager, Colorado Digital Learning Solutions

A New Model for a New Generation

Academy Online High School has moved from a completely online environment to a hybrid program called The Village. We will share the lessons we have learned in making this change and the ways our thinking has been challenged.

Speaker:  Nathan Gorsch, Principal, Academy Online High School, Academy School District 20

How Do You Create Personalized Professional Learning Pathways for Teachers?

Thompson School District gathered feedback from staff around the professional learning experiences that were being offered to them during district time. Due to the feedback gathered, the Learning Services department developed a model which provided 29 pathways teachers could access for their professional learning time. The pathways shifted professional learning to teacher passions for continual growth and provided the opportunity for implementing new learning in daily classroom practice. Our experience revealed the benefit of connecting our internal expertise to provide a more deeply personalized experience for staff. The second year, we developed a modified Ed Camp system to provide truly individualized personalized learning for educators. See the model that was developed including the pathways offered, the expectations for the facilitators and teachers, communication and feedback that was gathered after the first year of implementation.

Speakers:  Jeri Crispe, Director, Secondary Education; Chastity Stringer, Data Assessment Coordinator, Thompson School District

A Balancing Act: Why We Need Data Standards in K-12

Managing organizational entropy in the age of consumerization is not a phenomenon unique to K-12 systems, but we do have some unusual dynamics that make this a particularly challenging environment for data management. This presentation will highlight some of the data-related trends in K-12 that are tricky to balance in respect to managing innovation while still maintaining system coherence. As our field continues to explore a wide range of online instructional environments, it is critical that we also step back and consider the ways that the associated data is being accumulated, protected, shared, and sustainably managed…or not. The adoption of interoperability standards (IMS Global) and K-12 data standards (Ed-Fi ) by states, districts, and vendors continues to gain momentum, but it also needs practitioners at all levels asking for these coalescing features within these products. Hopefully, this session will provide some additional context surrounding the costs, benefits, and trade-offs that we are currently making because of the existing data fragmentation.

Speaker: Curtis Lee, Executive Director for Data Quality and EdTech Support at JeffCo Schools in Denver

Leader Panel:  Principal and Administrator Voices

What do principals and administrators think about transforming education towards blended and personalized learning environments? The leader panel features principals and administrators who are leading blended learning. Leaders come from various schools with diverse backgrounds. In a provocative, unfiltered and honest conversation leaders will provide first-hand accounts of their experiences, why they began the journey towards blended learning, and pros & cons. This is your chance to ask questions of other leaders driving forward blended learning models. Send your questions to leaders through Twitter using #iLC2018

Speakers:  Anne Atherton, eLearning Coordinator, St Vrain Valley School District; Dr. K. Kevin Aten, Director of Innovation and Instruction, Estes Park School District; Cathy Baune, Assistant Director of Blended Learning, Jeffco Public Schools; Ian Jones, Principal, DPS Online HS, Denver Public Schools; Alex Magaña, Executive Principal, Kepner Beacon MS and Grant Beacon MS, Denver Public Schools; Shane Skalla, Principal, D3 My Way; Jim Smith, Principal, Snowy Peaks HS Moderator:  Judy Perez, CEO, iLearn Collaborative

The Science of "Muddling Through": Concrete Strategies for Coming through the Awkward Phases of Implementing Personalized Learning

Academics texts from Public Administration have long accepted the imperfect science of "muddling through" change management techniques.  Yet in the constantly changing waters of education, we have yet to codify best practices for how to manage big pedagogical shifts in an environment awash with change and instability.   Subsequently, the advice often seems to generic to turn into specific steps.  In this presentation, we seek to analyze best practices for the first year of implementation with the wisdom that comes from surviving two "first years" of new program implementation in real-world, imperfectly-messy, public school situations in order to turn generic advice into concrete heuristics for managing change in schools.

Speaker: Alisha Janes, Director of Personalized Learning, Morey Middle School