iLC 2018 - Breakout Session Detail


Student Choice & Agency

Learn about strategies for helping students drive their own learning experiences.


Blended Learning as Our Path to Personalization

Blended Learning in the Beacon Network is best described as an evolving philosophy geared toward providing students with more agency in their learning. This session describes resources we have used, tools we have created, and how our approach to Blended Learning has changed over time. Content of this session revolves around exploration of methodological rationales and ideals described in our blending framework, discussion of the conditions needed for personalization, and the path we are following to get to Personalized Learning. This session is designed to be interactive and should provide teams and individuals with opportunities to learn, reflect, and collaborate. While it is not essential, it is highly recommended that participants bring a digital device to get full access to session content and activities.

Speakers:  Alexander Magaña, Executive Principal; Kevin Croghan, Director of Personalization, Beacon Network Schools

A Student Perspective on Online/Blended Learning

Google and other companies design products with the end user in mind. Do you ever wonder what it is like to be an end user (student) in an online/hybrid program? Come hear from a panel of students from The Village at Academy Online High School. They will share about their experience in a non-traditional model and take questions from the audience.

Speakers:  The Students!  Moderator:  Nathan Gorsch, Principal, Academy Online High School.  

Personalized Learning for ALL Learners

Learn how to offer choice and flexibility in the classroom, in order to facilitate intrinsic motivation, engagement in learning, and self-determination. Discover how learner voice-oriented activities can foster learners' influence, responsibility, advocacy, and leadership. Explore the Imaginarium's Personalized Learning Driver Model to help ALL students influence and ultimately direct their own learning.

Speaker:  Margaret McCormick, Director Client Services, Imaginarium, Denver Public Schools’ Innovation Lab

Show Me How You Know It!  Voice & Choice in Math Assessments

In this session, learn how to manage technology and creativity in allowing students authentic learner voice and choice in how they show their learning. There is a time and place for paper and pencil assessments, but what other ways can students show what they know? If we are delivering math content in new innovative ways, it's time for our students to show what they know, in new innovative ways!

Speaker:  Evette Davis Ed.D, Kennesaw State University

Using Technology to Work Smarter:  How to Use Google Forms and Sheets to Create Individualized Learning Plans for Your Whole School

A succinct summary of Morey School's process of creating individualized Learning Plans with students learning preferences, parent input, student academic goals, and progress monitoring.  Get advice on how to manage the whol process in the Google education suite and a window into the pedagogy that guided our survey question selection process.  Resources shared for each step of the process.

Speaker: Alisha Janes, Director of Personalized Learning, Morey Middle School

Reclaiming My Time! Student Voice in Just In Time Direct Instruction

Small group instruction is making a shift towards student voice! Learn how you can provide your students the foundation to make their voices heard! Equipping your students with the knowledge in knowing when they need support and where to get it from gives them ownership of their learning! In this session, you will learn ways in how you can merge the use of technology, best practices and 21st century learner skills, to give your students voice in what they need to exceed in Just In Time Direct Instruction! It's time to let your students reclaim their time!

Speaker:  Evette Davis Ed.D, Kennesaw State University

Student Panel Lunch: Student Voices

What do students think about transforming education towards blended and personalized learning environments? The student panel features students who are enrolled in blended learning classrooms. Students come from various schools with diverse backgrounds. In a provocative, unfiltered and honest conversation students will provide first-hand accounts of their experiences, why they enrolled in blended classes, and pros & cons. This is your chance to ask questions to students participating in blended learning models. Send your questions to students through Twitter using #iLC2018

Speakers:  the Students!  Moderator:  Natalie Ruecker, 6-8 Blended Teacher