We provide consulting services to support the change management efforts needed to implement student-centered learning.


We work with district and school personnel to build a case for change, sustain change management, plan through implementation, and perform cost analysis.  This work ensures that the professional development courses we provide are contextualized within the larger goals of districts and schools.


Projects May Include:



Identify the learning goals for students, answering key questions such as: where does blended learning fit in the bigger picture, which model(s) should the district implement, and how should technology and human capital be managed to support this?



Systematically determine current broadband performance, assess future needs, and create a plan to upgrade broadband infrastructure.

it hardware.png

IT Hardware

Define hardware strategies, including the ratio of students to devices, a plan for providing devices, and the selection of device types.  Support procurement aligned with strategy.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Assess existing PD opportunities in the district, and then add the supplemental resources and capabilities needed to ensure that students and teachers thrive in blended classrooms.



Support the district in ongoing project management and implementation, including assessing the human capital at the district, bringing in necessary support, building the capacity of the district staff over time.



Determine financial goals for implementation, define the anticipated costs of implementation and ongoing operations of the blended model, and assess ways to cover the costs.

While all applications are welcome, Colorado Empowered Learning will sponsor up to 50 hours of free consulting for up to 15 districts in Colorado.