Digital Content Warehouse

Creating Sustainable equity in K-12 education through Open Education Resources (OER)

Openly licensed educational resources can increase equity by providing all students, regardless of zip code, access to high quality learning materials that have the most up-to-date and relevant content.
— U.S. Department of Education

Ensuring Quality

Our content is created in partnership with the educators we serve.  We train them in how to create high quality digital content, according to the standards established by iNACOL. The educators apply their expertise and understanding of student interests to develop curriculum that is uniquely engaging, often in partnership with local businesses and community.  We then work with our members to run a curation process that ensures a rich, high quality, repository of content, one that evolves as innovative, impactful learning models flourish.

Promoting Culture

We help educators share their knowledge to build on each others work.  We store all the content created in a central repository and help districts transfer that content into the Learning Management System they use for easy access.  All content is fully customizable allowing educators and their students to cultivate agency and ownership over their own learning.  With the building blocks of the core curriculum in place, educators can focus on honing their student-centered instructional practices and on co-creating content with students that is authentic, contextual, and relevant.

Reducing Costs

Because districts and charter networks can build upon the content created by their peer organizations and supplement content leveraging their existing staff, they remove the need for paying costly licensing fees.  Districts and networks have the option of contributing new content, curation time, or modest fees to subsidize the overall maintenance of the repository, reducing the burden for all. 


Get Involved!


Get Trained on Course Creation

Ever wished you could create a course that was explictly designed for the cultural context and interests of your students and aligned with the needs of your local community and work force?  We provide training for educators who wish to participate in creating content for the Open Education Resources movement. The Online Course Development course is 12 weeks, with 60 clock hours of content, 30 of which are facilitated. It is designed for groups of district staff and covers best practices in online course design, alignment with common core, and methods for building activities that are engaging for students.

Support the Curation of Contributed Content

Our members have contributed over 60 semesters of content that, once curated could be made available to our entire community.  Rather then spend your time creating curriculum from scratch, see if one of these courses would ease your current efforts while also supporting the broader community!

Use Curated Content with Your Students

Our members have contributed and curated 16 semesters worth of content that is available for your immediate use, aligned to Colorado State standards.