iLearn Collaborative informally began in 2009 as a grassroots effort to start a dialogue between districts who were building online schools and then blended programs.

By 2013, the management demands and needs of member organizations were sufficient enough to warrant formal leadership and funding and we received our first grants from the Donnell Kay Foundation and the Gates Family Foundation.  Using this funding, under Judy Perez’s leadership, we built out the course catalog and capabilities you see today. In 2016, we founded iLearn Collaborative and formally became an independent 501c3 non-profit.  

The impact of our unique approach to professional development has earned us substantial recognition. iLearn Collaborative is the only state-subsidized provider of blended professional development in Colorado, we are a Future Ready Regional partner, and we have even started to receive international interest, currently piloting our programs in Latin America. Our success has been built on the strength, passion and commitment of our member organizations, and we intend to build on this momentum with your support, amplifying talent, knowledge and innovation in education to advance the practice of student-centered learning.  

eLearn Collaborative is now iLearn Collaborative to reflect our focus on student-centered learning and international reach.

We do not want to see technology enable just any transformation in education, we aim to help propel forward the practice of student-centered learning.