Channel 9 News

February 23, 2017

DENVER - When we think of a traditional art class with smocks and paintbrushes, thinking outside of the box can be helpful.  Denver Online High School Art teacher Elisa Narizhanaya did just that.  She created unique online art classes which gives her more time for her students.

“They will submit their work, I give them really detailed descriptive feedback I tell them what they did well and what they need to improve,” Narizhanaya said. “It gives me a lot more time to look and reflect on their work as opposed to that on the spot kind of feedback.”  Full Story

Denver Post

February 20, 2017

Colorado Empowered Learning Project Kicks Off 2017 Colorado Blended and Online Learning Conference. Education leaders from around the world are invited to learn from the experts in personalized and blended learning, explore hot topics and trends and choose from over 35 unique sessions to gain valuable skills, techniques and tips to improve and enhance their instruction with adaptive education technology.  Full Story

Google Transformation Center

February 19, 2017

St. Vrain Valley Schools has created an environment where its teachers are leading the district-wide transition to a blended learning model, one that integrates technology with high-quality instruction to drive student outcomes. Through partnership with iLearn Collaborative, they have (a) assessed teachers’ learning needs as they pertain to their experience in the blended and personalized learning space, (b) developed a certified train-the-trainer model of professional development, creating a cohort of teachers capable of leading district-wide implementation, and (c) provided micro-credentialing to acknowledge achievement and qualifications.  Full Story

Channel 9 News

November 14, 2016

KUSA - Not that long ago, choosing wasn’t that easy for high school junior Fabian Simons.  He was juggling going to school and a holding down a part-time job.

“I used to have a job at Water World,” Simons said. “I would have to go to school and not show up for work or go to work and not show up for school.”

So he decided to join other students in the Jefferson County School District at the Virtual Academy.  A campus started 8 years ago, set up to give students a blended education and more flexibility with their course loads.   Full Story

Denver Post

October 28, 2016

Denver, Colorado — To prepare students for a 21st century workforce, Colorado educators are being asked to change the way they deliver and personalize instruction to students, re-imagine what their classrooms look like, and integrate innovative technologies into their practice.

Many districts and schools can’t afford to do all of the training on their own, but they know their teachers need the skills and knowledge to create change.  

There’s now statewide support that changes the way districts offer professional development called iLearn Collaborative (iLC). New state funding in the Colorado Empowered Learning Initiative grant or House Bill 16-2222 allows iLC to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality professional development to Colorado educators.  Full Story

SEEN Magazine 

October 23, 2016

The intent of this article is to share information on three educational models we have learned about in Colombia, a country most Americans would not look to for research-based opinions and models.  These innovative models could be helpful in resolving key issues in the U.S. educational system such as inclusion, flexible curricula, teacher training and vocational training.

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The Learning Counsel

September 19, 2016

Where is our sense of urgency?  An education journey to South America gives inspiration for transformation.  

I have presented at many conferences, using the same slide in every presentation, which outlines a similar list of issues we face in any given school district across the U.S.  Such topics include the need to increase graduation and reduce dropout rates, address fluctuating budgets, find and retain qualified teachers, and keep up with digital natives. When I incorporated this slide in a recent presentation to a Colombian secretary of education, the message was clear that they share our pain points and are seeking ways to innovate in education to address learning needs down to the individual student.  As part of this initiative, they are looking to integrate project-based learning, personalize education, and implement blended learning models in their pedagogical practice.

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