Discounts Available for iLearn Collaborative Members

To help support your efforts to use technology to drive forward student‐centered learning and equity in K‐12 education, we have negotiated discounted pricing on a variety of technology support services and EdTech products.  Please contact us for an introduction to the vendor if you are interested in learning more and taking advantage of the negotiated discount.

We sought out the organizations below because they addressed key pain points that you identified.  We continuously evaluate additional opportunities to support our members through discounts, so if there are challenges you face not covered by the services listed below, please contact us.  


Technical Support for Transition to Digital Learning

Program: Voqal - Mobile Citizen
How It Helps: Internet Access, including home access
Discount: 33% +

Organization: EducationSuperHighway
How They Help: Internet infrastructure procurement
Discount: Free

Organization: Generation Yes
How They Help: IT Support provided by students
Discount: 10%*

Organization: LearnPlatform
How They Help: Edtech procurement management, student impact evaluation
Discount: 10%*

Organization: CB Technologies
How They Help: Systems integration, internal networks, hardware
Discount: 20%*


Program: D2L Brightspace
How It Helps: Learning management system. Supports differentiated pathways.
Discount: 60%*

Program: Schoology
How It Helps: Learning management system. Known for usability.
Discount: 60%*

Program: Epiphany Learning
How It Helps: Robust learner profile, geared towards competency‐based learning.  Use with another LMS or stand‐alone. 
Discount: 20%*

Program: Summit Learning
How It Helps: Personalized Learning Platform, Content & Support
Discount: Free - with approved program application

Program: Imagine Learning
How It Helps: Language, literacy, and math software Pre‐K–6  
Discount: 18%*

Program: Middlebury Interactive Languages
How It Helps: English Language Learners, World Languages
Discount: 10%*

Program:  Fuel Education
How It Helps:  Digital curriculum on wide array of subjects
Discount: 10%*

Program: Discovery Education's Streaming Plus
How It Helps: educational content & video service
Discount: 20%*

Program: Let’s Go Learn
How It Helps: Formative assessment software
Discount: 5%*

Program: Schoolrunner
How It Helps: One place to track, analyze and take action on data
Discount: 25%*

Program: Couragion
How It Helps: STEM Career Exploration
Discount: 20%*

Program: Levers
How It Helps:  Enables management and measurement of iterative, student-driven, project-based learning
Discount: 30%*

Program:  Dreambox Learning Math
How It Helps:  Adaptive, online K-8 math program with embedded professional development
Discount: 15-20%*

Program:  Education Modified
How It Helps:  Database of classroom strategies to support job-embedded professional development for special education
Discount: 30%*

Program:  Ed Leadership Sims
How It Helps:  Computer-based simulations allow school leaders to hone judgement and decision-making skills
Discount: 15%*

*Maximum discount off of list price.  Actual discount varies based on a variety of factors.  Contact us for more information.