iLearn Collaborative is open to partnership opportunities with organizations interested in advancing the practice of student-centered learning.

We are particularly interested in six types of partners:

Learning Management Systems

Educators want to access high quality content in the platforms of their choice.  Since educators nationwide use a variety of different learning management systems, and we want to scale our impact by reaching as many as possible, we are interested in making our professional development content available in platforms that aim to promote blended and personalized learning.

EdTech Vendors

Student-centered learning is most effective when it is technology enabled.  Since many educators will not adopt new technologies until they understand how to integrate them into their instructional practices, we are interested in wrapping our course offerings around the delivery of EdTech products designed to enable blended and personalized learning.

Instructional Practice Leaders

Innovation and change management are both iterative processes - we recognize the importance of identifying and capturing best practices.  Rather than writing research reports or case studies, however, we capture what has been learned as training materials, so that those methods can go back into the field and be continuously improved.  We are looking for proven models of success in the practice of student-centered learning and are excited to partner with leaders in the space to scale their impact.

Education Design Consultants

Effective change management in education starts with a clear vision and learning model.  We value those holistically re-thinking what school should look like.  We are interested in partners who want support in the implementation phase of their work.  Through our professional development courses, we can both inspire and build the capacity of educators to make innovative visions for education a reality.


The movement towards student-centered learning will be most effective if all those with a shared vision can collectively act to drive change.  We are interested in working with forward-thinking foundations who can help us identify great partners.  As a 501c3 non profit, we also rely on foundations to provide us with capital to accelerate and scale our work.


Groups of educators across the country have formed associations aimed at driving innovation in education.  We are looking for partners that can help spread the word about the impact and value of iLearn Collaborative’s professional development, consulting services, and Digital Content Warehouse.  With your help, we can get our resources into the hands of those who can benefit from them.

Our Partners