Professional Development Partnership

Capture the Knowledge of Your Team & Share It

  • Facilitate the growth of your organization and minimize the negative impact of turnover by capturing your team’s knowledge as Professional Development programs
  • Reduce barriers for educators to rise into leadership positions by making it possible for them to focus on one-on-one coaching with their teams
  • Create additional opportunities for growth and recognition of your existing leaders by choosing to codify and micro-credential their expertise
  • Shift the mindset of your new educators, showing them what student-centered learning looks like and training them in your specific practices
  • Pay less to own professional learning that is engaging and relevant

How It Works

  • You identify the leaders in your organization who are already working to train others
  • We take their content and knowledge and translate it into our proven format, partnering with them throughout the process
  • We help your leaders learn how to facilitate in the new format, offering opportunities for co-facilitation, student teaching, and shadowing
  • With your approval, your content becomes part of our Professional Learning program catalog, becoming part of a movement!


Discover how our training for educators by educators is truly one of the most impactful forms of professional development.