Making Evaluation Useful in K-12 Education

Optimize Your EdTech Budget

Identify the most impactful technologies and focus efforts and funding on supporting how teachers use them

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

Identify specific problems of practice aligned with your learning model, and provide your teachers with professional development on the role technology can play in enhancing their practice

Evaluate Effectiveness

Empower your team to perform rigorous, timely analyses on the combined impact of strong instructional practice and supportive technology, and use this to further focus resources


Make informed choices on the best way to reach students and conduct structured pilots to determine the effectiveness of various strategies


+  Professional Development

  • Digital content that captures best practices
  • Defined projects that frame how those practices should be applied
  • One-on-one coaching on what is working and how to improve
  • Credit towards re-certification, degrees, and micro-credentialing programs

Evaluation Technology

  • Edtech library of 5,000+ tools, graded for alignment with variety of learning models
  • Automated assessment of edtech usage
  • Evaluation of impact on student outcomes while protecting student data privacy
  • Framework that allows non-PhDs to conduct ESSA-aligned rigorous, timely evaluations

Join The Pilot Program

Streamline Technology Spending to Invest in Teachers


  • Participation in training on how rapid cycle evaluation works and how to empower your teams to perform it
  • Impact analysis of specific EdTech products on student outcomes to provide a deeper understanding of which products are most effective
  • Enrollment of additional teachers or additional professional learning topics
  • Multi-factor analysis that looks at the combined impact of edtech and instructional practice on student outcomes
  • Integration of observations and other teacher supports into professional learning and/or evaluation processes

Participation Expectations

  • Installation of Chrome Extension* that will provide information on edtech being used at your school and the usage levels.  Collaborative identification of potential opportunities for cost savings
  • Participation of up to 25 teachers in professional development aligned with current needs
  • Collaboration on the selection of a success or achievement metric appropriate for the professional development work  and relevant control factors
  • Participation in a retrospective on this work and willingness to have the results of this pilot shared publicly as a case study after a review of pilot outcomes