Our Approach


Advancing Educators

The core of our work is to help educators reach their full potential by providing Training For Educators By Educators  on technology-enabled, student-centered learning. Our programs are built for educators by educator innovators and leaders.  They are immediately applicable in the classroom, designed for optimum participation, and available for college credit and micro-credentials.


Advancing Knowledge

We support the Open Education Resources movement in order to reduce the most common barrier to effectively integrating technology with strong instruction: quality content.  We train educators in the creation of materials that they can use with their students, curate their content, and make these materials available through our Digital Content Warehouse.


Advancing Innovation

We provide Consulting Services to ensure that the courses and technology selected at a given school or district are aligned with both its learning model and its readiness for student-centered learning. Through our work, we facilitate the adoption and evolution of cutting edge technology that supports pedagogical best practice, bridging between the EdTech and Education worlds.