iLC Engage:  Volume 1

Colorado Announces Blended Learning Roadmap


August 16th, 2017

Colorado is setting a new, statewide course towards equity and access by releasing the Colorado Blended Learning Roadmap — mapping out a series of priority areas for action at the local and statewide levels. 

"iLearn Collaborative is honored to have played a leading role in the creation of this new roadmap," said CEO Judy Perez. "We were able to offer insightful suggestions based on our work with thousands of educators across Colorado and beyond to create a roadmap that is both relevant and practical."

"Colorado educators are being asked to both change the way they deliver instruction and integrate innovative technologies to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow," said Perez. "Many districts just don't have the budget to afford the professional development teachers need to successfully deliver blended learning.”

With expanded state funding through the Colorado Empowered Learning initiative, iLearn Collaborative provides needed and affordable training to educators and offers complimentary advisory services for up to 25 Colorado school districts every year.

"iLearn Collaborative offers professional development that’s culturally responsive and models the practices we want to see in the classroom. We combine the flexibility of digital learning with personalized, teacher-led instruction, authentic projects, and one-on-one coaching," added Perez. "More than this — we make sure teachers are set up for success. We help district and school leaders understand where blended learning techniques support their learning models, strategic plans, and board mandates by incorporating blended learning into existing priorities."

Perez added that iLearn Collaborative will partner with districts to create new programs if the current training does not meet district needs — all funded through Colorado Empowered Learning.  

iLearn Collaborative is available to support educators nationwide. "Teachers will lead this work," said Perez. "We empower teachers and education leaders to drive the development of innovative practices."

Today's student is preparing for a 21st century workforce and needs to know how to access innovative resources to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. "We believe the work we are doing in Colorado can serve as a model for designing the type of education system employers expect," Perez added. "We support students in learning how to use the latest technology, work in teams, conduct independent research, and be self-directed."

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