Making Evaluation Useful for Driving Teaching & Learning


Traditional Evaluation

To do an evaluation aligned with ESSA standards of rigor has historically been a time-consuming and expensive process.  As a result, formal evaluations are rarely done more often than yearly, and are almost always reporting on data that reflects student and teacher needs several months back.  Consequently, while the evaluation efforts can be used to address compliance or reporting requirements, they are rarely useful for making real-time decisions about what technologies and instructional strategies are most impactful for driving learning outcomes.

The New Approach:  Empowering Your Team with Technology

LearnPlatform is a technology that makes it possible for your team to conduct real-time evaluations.   Lea(R)n has developed a framework that allows for rapid evaluation with increasing levels of rigor based on the evaluation stage, duration of test and availability of data availability. From structured pilots to longer-term, multi-product analyses, the framework outlines criteria, methods, constraints and requirements for rapid evaluation.   


Supporting Teachers

The framework makes it possible for your team, and not PhD statisticians, to perform rapid-cycle evaluation with rigor.  With the joint efforts of iLearn Collaborative and Lea(R)n, the framework can be applied to not just the evaluation of edtech, but also the evaluation of instructional practices, providing insights as to which techniques are best serving the needs of specific communities.   We are looking for schools and districts who are interested in being part of a pilot program that will take a proven approach for edtech evaluation to this next level, offering unprecedented support to teachers looking to personalize learning.