Optimize Your Edtech Budget


The Status Quo:  Technology with Insufficient Teacher Training

Less than 25% of teachers are teaching differently with technology (EducationWeek 2015), and as a result, the significant investment many schools and districts have made in technology infrastructure, hardware, and software are not having the desired impact on student outcomes.   We all know we need to do more to support teachers, but struggle to find the resources to do so.

An Alternative:  Focus

We need to figure out which technologies have the greatest potential for transforming the student learning experience and focus resources on these.  Then we should invest in supporting teachers in understanding how to integrate those technologies into their instructional practices.  Even the edtech vendors agree - for their software to be implemented with fidelity, teacher training is essential.  The question is:  how do we figure out which software can have the greatest impact?

In most educational situations, the efforts and activities to find, procure, implement and measure education technology are disjointed activities, resulting in lost information, inconsistent knowledge transfer and considerable inefficiency for educators and their organizations.  If we could streamline these activities, capturing insights at every stage to inform evaluation, we could solve this challenge and identify the most impactful technologies.  LearnPlatform does just that.  


The Result: Edtech Funding Freed Up to Train Teachers

With over 100,000 educators on the platform who serve over 2 million students, LearnPlatform has been able to save districts an average of 59% of their edtech budgets.   With these additional resources, school and district leaders open up a wealth of additional options for better supporting teachers and students.  Through iLearn Collaborative, administrators who are interested in understanding the breadth and variety of edtech used in their organizations can do so entirely for free.