iLC Engage:  Volume 3

Nurturing & Rewarding Skill Development with Micro-Credentials


November 16th, 2017

iLearn Collaborative has partnered with Bloomboard, an organization that aims to provide educators with meaningful professional learning experiences and opportunities to demonstrate expertise, improving how effective teachers are supported and scaled.  “We know that one-on-one coaching is one of the most powerful ways to enable a shift in teaching practice.  Unfortunately, coaching is often prohibitively expensive for most districts to provide at scale and fails to recognize and reward teachers for their progress.  We are thrilled to be partnering with Bloomboard to combine our unique approach to Blended Coaching with their nationally recognized approach to micro-credentialing to create a set of affordable, recognized professional learning opportunities,” said Jill Pellegrini, Director of Blended Coaching  Programs at iLearn Collaborative.  

“One of the most exciting things about micro-credentials is that they support educators in applying what they have learned to their classrooms,” added Jill Pellegrini.  “While our conference is an amazing opportunity for educators to connect with other practitioners to share their experiences and strategies, we want the learning to continue.  So we are offering conference attendees who register before January 15th complimentary access to obtain one micro-credential."  

The potential is enormous.  “With this partnership, we can enable educators to demonstrate what they already know and build on that knowledge to advance their practice,” said Jill Pellegrini.  “With a common understanding of each educators gifts and needs, we can design adult learning experiences that start to look like our vision for the classroom - and that is where the real magic happens.  When teachers experience what is possible, we will unleash their creativity to design the future of learning.”