Micro-Credential Catalog

We will begin by creating a stack of 5 micro-credentials that cover both the basics of blended learning and the implications for classroom culture. Because we do all new program development in partnership with our members, we will look for your feedback on what we should develop next.


Micro-Credential Descriptions

Educator incorporates various methodologies for instruction delivery, supporting an active-learning environment that shifts the ownership of learning from the educator to the student.

Station Rotation
Educator creates differentiated learning communities within the classroom, integrating both technology and station design.

Educator utilizes gamification to present information or content, producing an effective educational environment.

Authentic Project-Based Learning Assessment
Educator creates an authentic assessment that can be seamlessly integrated into a real-world project-based learning experience. 

Student Choice and Agency
Educator creates an environment that encourages students’ level of control and autonomy over their educational experience and provides choice to allow student voice. 

Interested in a different credential?  Share your thoughts on what we should develop.