Share Your Thoughts on Micro-Credentials

We believe that micro-credentials offer several benefits to teachers and administrators by allowing teachers to demonstrate the skills they have learned:  

  1. Teachers can earn college credit and credibility to run professional learning communities
  2. Administrators can design personalized professional learning that will promote individual teacher growth
  3. Administrators can learn what practices are used by their most effective teachers to drive student outcomes and can define programs to help other teachers adopt those practices
  4. Administrators can create incentive structures to reward teachers for adopting new practices, creating a healthy teacher-driven culture of innovation

We only build new programs in partnership with the educators we serve, however.  What do you think?  


Are you currently using educator micro-credentials in your school or district? Do you anticipate using them in the near future? Please explain.

What do you see as the benefits of micro-credentials?

What do you see as the drawbacks of micro-credentials?

Do you have other thoughts you would like to share on micro-credentials? Are there specific micro-credentials you would like us to develop?

Would you like us to contact you to explore collaboration opportunities in this area? Yes