iLC Engage:  Volume 5

Making Community Support a Resource for the Coming Year


May 9th, 2018

“When the Colorado legislature sponsored the Colorado Empowered Learning program two years ago, we could not have possibly imagined the level of impact it would have,” said John Canuel, Strategic Consulting Services Director. “The program has catalyzed the development of a powerful community of educators across 28 districts, representing 355,000 students, all working to use technology to implement student-centered learning.” And the community is only growing, extending beyond state boundaries.  We anticipate onboarding 17 new districts in the new year, and are currently accepting applications to offer complimentary and subsidized services. 

“Perhaps even more exciting, however, is the power of the community itself,” said Lynee Zajac-Beck, Digital Content Warehouse Director.  “We anticipate curating over sixty full-length student-facing digital courses in the coming months, building on the curriculum developed by our community, paying teachers for their contributions, and partnering across state lines to produce high quality, standards-aligned, affordable curriculum.”  We invite both teachers and administrators to learn how they can become part of the Open Education Resources (OER) movement this summer.

“And our community is not just sharing student-facing curriculum, they are also sharing what they have learned about how to create effective learning experiences,” said Jill Pellegrini, Professional Development Director.  Through our partnerships with our district members, we will be able to offer both a Blended Learning and a Personalized Learning certification program next year. “Our hope is to create opportunities for additional pay and leadership for teachers while also offering administrators  strategies for addressing the time and cost constraints associated with rolling out critical training initiatives.”