iLC Engage:  Volume 2

Making Evaluation Useful for Driving Teaching & Learning


September 12th, 2017

iLearn Collaborative has partnered with Lea(R)n, an organization that believes that technology, especially educational technology, should level the playing field, bridging gaps in environment, student demographics, learning styles and access to resources.  “We realize that you, as an educator, understand the significant budget constraints districts face.  We are always looking for partnerships that will allow  funding to be more effectively allocated to support teachers and are excited to work with Lea(R)n to do just that,” said June Marcel.  

“We believe that great instruction can be enhanced by effective technology to transform the learning experience, but only if the technology is the right fit for the school’s learning model and it is used effectively by teachers and students,” added June Marcel.  “We have chosen to partner with Lea(R)n because it allows school and district leaders to harness the wealth of educator experience and student impact data to identify cost savings within their edtech budgets, freeing up funding to provide teacher training that enhances what is working in classrooms.”  

The potential goes beyond edtech procurement.  “With this partnership, we can not only evaluate the impact technology is having on student outcomes, but also how teacher training efforts and specific instructional practices are making a difference,” said June Marcel.  “We are looking for school and district leaders who want to work with us to understand which instructional techniques are driving outcomes for each and every community we serve.”