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Qualified Blended Educator Certification

iLearn Collaborative has launched a new pathway program for a Qualified Blended Educator Certification. In order for teachers to be prepared to implement blended instruction, we created an accelerated learning path. Our new program stems from four of our highest demand PD courses that address best practices for blended or online instruction, technology integration, and student engagement. The program is comprised of four one-week instructional blocks. Teachers enrolled in the program will gain access to full, digital student courses that can be customized and personalized for immediate implementation.

The program includes four micro-credentials based on the following competencies:

1. Introduction to Blended Instruction (Models): Flex, A La Carte, Enriched Virtual, Flipped, Station Rotation - teachers will choose the model(s) appropriate for their environment

2. Best Practices in Blended Instruction - teachers will focus on technology integration for student engagement and self-directed learning

3. Creating Digital Content - teachers will design, develop, and deliver digital content

4. Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) - (optional competency) teachers will integrate open educational resources into digital content or curriculum (*All participants who participate in the OER block will receive access to 1-2 full-length digital courses of their choice from our Digital Content Warehouse)

The program is self-paced, and content is delivered via recorded presentations, on-demand videos, and supplemental reading materials supporting just-in-time learning. Synchronous sessions for instructional support will be offered weekly. The four micro-credentialed competencies meet ADDIE requirements of Analyze, Design and Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. Download the program syllabus here.

Program Details:

• 24-32 PD clock hours with micro-credentials

• 5-8 PD clock hours/instructional block

• 2 college graduate credits from Adams State University ($55/credit) and University of Northern Colorado ($65/credit) 

• Access to full-length digital course templates

• $25/block = $75 - $100/teacher for entire program

"I really thought the webinars aided in my understanding. I liked the resources and as I went through the course, I could definitely relate to being a student and the expectations."

Marlene Velasquez, Cheraw School District