What We Do

Training for Educators

iLC's Professional Development programs are built by educators for educators nationally and internationally.

Our course design and delivery models student-centered instructional practices.

Each micro-credentialed course has been developed for a 3-week completion and is worth 15-30 PD clock hours or graduate-level credits that count towards recertification.

• Courses are facilitated by experienced accredited practitioners, who offer coaching that is supported by digital content focused on specific problems of practice and project-based work.

• Learning progressions through programs guide educators through personalized pathways from introductory through advanced levels of knowledge and experience, meeting the instructional needs of participants.

• Participants receive real-time support and can control when and what to learn, contacting facilitators via phone, email and text, and accessing digital content and learning communities.

• All courses are university accredited. Each course worth 1 college credit.

• Onsite workshops available upon request.



iLC now offers onsite workshops for our professional development courses. Participants will receive hands-on training in student-centered instructional best practices from expert blended and personalized learning facilitators. Workshops are tailored to your teachers’ specific learning needs. Ongoing training after workshops is provided through enrollment in iLC’s professional development courses. Certificates for PD clock hours and graduate-level credits through UNC are available for all onsite training.

Current Workshop Offerings:

  • Introduction to Blended Instruction - hands-on examination of blended models for hybrid and online learning environments: Flex, A La Carte, Enriched Virtual, Flipped, Station Rotation
  • Blended Learning Best Practices: Design and Application - interactive engagement with content focused on technology integration for self-directed learning and student engagement in blended and online learning environments
  • The Tech-Integrated Classroom -  direct application of the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) as it applies to the design, development, and delivery of digital content that supports blended and online learning  
  • Digital Curriculum: Classroom Implementation - hands-on examination of best practices for remixing, customizing, personalizing, and integrating digital student course templates and Open Educational Resources into existing curriculum

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or discussing customized content development for an onsite training, please contact Jill Pellegrini.


As an educator who has spent most of my career in online and blended learning, I have been so impressed by the high standards of iLearn Collaborative. The fact that the programs are designed by teachers, for teachers is evident from the start. I was also amazed at the excellence of the content and the expertise of the facilitator - I learned so much from both! Novice teachers who are just beginning their journey into blended or online learning will walk away with concrete, easily-implementable steps to take to immediately improve their learners’ experiences; experienced practitioners will find new and up-to-date frameworks, tools, and best practices to help them continue to refine their craft.

Elizabeth LeBlanc, Taos Academy Charter School